Welcome to the Arqueonautas Worldwide (AWW) website. Here you can learn more about the history of the Company and the legacy of 27 years of maritime archaeology work in four different continents.

AWW is gradually shifting its activities to a non-profit organisation called ASUCH (Association for Saving Underwater Cultural Heritage / Gesellschaft zur Rettung von KulturerbeUnter Wasser e.V.) registered in Hamburg, Germany. With this major strategic decision, AWW will be better prepared to dedicate our founding mission of Saving World Maritime Heritage.

The entire AWW study collection of maritime artefacts, including scientific documentation, the photo-, film and PR-archives and all scientific publications (see also (1) ARQUEONAUTAS Worldwide Arqueologia Subaquatica – Academia.edu) was donated 2022 to the International Maritime Museum in Hamburg (IMMH / www.imm-hamburg.de).